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Since 1991, the Tim Barkley Law Offices have provided legal services to individuals, families and businesses throughout central Maryland and northern Virginia.  For nearly twenty of those years, Tim has served individuals, families and businesses in a small-town practice in Mount Airy, Maryland.

As an experienced and highly qualified Asset & Wealth Protection Attorney, Tim Barkley is able to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to clients, while always paying close attention to personal details.

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November 18, 2015 |


By Tim Barkley. November 2015. It was Susan on the phone: “Can we get together?  I need you to look at a paper my fiancé gave me.” She came to the office with a large envelope in hand.  “My boyfriend finally asked me to marry him.  Then he gave me this and said I had to have a lawyer look at it.  It’s a prenup.” “When are you tying the knot?” “Oh, not for awhile, but he said he wanted me to think about this before we got too far down the road.  I told him I didn’t want his stuff and didn’t need a legal paper, but he said his lawyer told him I...

October 21, 2015 |


By Timothy S. Barkley, Sr. October 2015. “You gotta be kidding!” Her voice was excited as she looked down at the test results. “We’re pregnant! After trying and trying … we’re finally pregnant!” He smiled and grasped her hand, squeezed softly. Their eyes met and both chorused “Now what?” Fast-forward nine months. A little bundle of joy has descended into their lives and transformed them and their relationship. The baby’s room is decorated, the clothes bought and handed down, and Mom and Dad are enjoying the beneficent sleep deprivation that comes with being new parents. But there was still a nagging feeling that something was missing. It was Mom who realized it – it’s usually...

September 16, 2015 |


By Timothy S. Barkley, Sr. September 2015. Uncle Herman has just died, and you have been duly selected as the Executor of his Last Will and Testament. Hopefully, you were forewarned. Congratulations. Your obligation is to marshal, preserve, and distribute the assets of the Estate in accordance with the terms of the Will and the Law; and to treat creditors, beneficiaries, and the taxing authority impartially. This can be no small feat. If you are also a “legatee” – that is, a beneficiary of the Will – you have an inherent conflict of interest, since you must (a) make sure all legitimate creditors are paid, while (b) making sure your own inheritance is not diminished....

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